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The Red Hands are Ireland’s champions

So there you have it! Tír Eoghain are the All Ireland champions of 2021.


They played with precision, they were calm, collected, cróga, ar fheabhas and they put on a show like no other. Their victory has left young men and women across Ireland, wondering and pondering, what is it that sets them apart? What was it that gave them the edge? Was it a rigorous training routine?...

How many pairs of boxer shorts do I need each day?

It might seem like a strange question to ask - how many pairs of boxer shorts should I wear each day? Surely the answer is obvious. We only need one pair of underwear each day.

But, do we?

It is normal in the morning when we get up to put on a fresh pair of underwear. So the answer is - one pair of underwear.

What happens though if you play sports or do some activity that is intense and involves a lot of movement? You will get sweaty. Your underwear will be in one of the places where a lot...

Bród 2020

Bród 2020

Buachaill is all about the boy!

This weekend, 26 to 28th of June is the gay pride weekend. Normally, if Covid-19 had not disrupted everything, Baile Átha Cliath and other locations around Ireland and world, would experience an explosion of colour, music, fun, silliness, and people from all walks of life.

Bród Bhaile Átha Cliath 2020

LGBT people like to dress well and show off. That is why Buachaill is offering a 50% off sale for this weekend only, 26 to 28th of June. People, whether gay or straight, can buy Buachaill boxer shorts and flaunt them!





A haon, a dó, a trí!

We've been very busy here at Buachaill boxer shorts factory. We've decided to spoil you with our special offer of Three for the price of Two Buachaill boxer shorts!

Trí is the Irish word for three and that is exactly how many shorts you can get in this convenient pack.

They come in sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large with 3 colour variants : black, white, and red. You only need to select your preferred colour and the right size. Mix them up and wear them with pride!






Due to popular demand we have the perfect Christmas present for you or your loved one! Yes, we have created "Buachailll na Nollaig", a special Christmas edition of our infamous boxer range.

Buachaill boxer shorts Christmas edition features the cheeky message "Who's your Daidí na Nollag?" and a cool dude Santa Claus. These boys are sure to cause lots of giggling at Christmas parties or when open on Christmas day! 

This is a perfect present for yourself, for a boyfriend, a brother, a colleague, or a friend. They are a special edition,...