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How many pairs of boxer shorts do I need each day?

It might seem like a strange question to ask - how many pairs of boxer shorts should I wear each day? Surely the answer is obvious. We only need one pair of underwear each day.

But, do we?

It is normal in the morning when we get up to put on a fresh pair of underwear. So the answer is - one pair of underwear.

What happens though if you play sports or do some activity that is intense and involves a lot of movement? You will get sweaty. Your underwear will be in one of the places where a lot of sweat occurs. Your underwear might be clammy and sweaty and become uncomfortable to wear. It is a good idea to change your underwear after playing sport as it neither nice nor hygienic to continue to wear sweaty underwear (or sweaty clothes in general).

So then, you might need two pairs of underwear for days when you play sports or do another activity that made you sweat a lot.


You might need three pairs of underwear. Hear me out! So, in the morning you put on a fresh pair of underwear. Later, you play sports or dance etc. so you might want to change your underwear and put on a fresh pair of boxer shorts while playing sport or dancing. So that makes two pairs.

What happens though when you finish your workout or sport etc.? Do you really want to keep wearing the sweaty underwear that you wore during sports? Do you want to put on the first pair of underwear that you wore this morning? It might have been clean and fresh in the morning when you put it on but is it still fresh? Would you prefer to put on another fresh pair having showered after sports? It might feel nicer to wear fresh underwear rather than a pair that you wore all day before you played sports.

So, that makes three pairs of underwear that you might have to wear a day. That said, people do not play sports everyday so it is probable that you do not need three pairs of underwear for each day of the week. You might need one for most days, two for other days, or if you play lots of sports or do other exercises, you might prefer to have three fresh pairs that you can use throughout the day.

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