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The Red Hands are Ireland’s champions

So there you have it! Tír Eoghain are the All Ireland champions of 2021.


They played with precision, they were calm, collected, cróga, ar fheabhas and they put on a show like no other. Their victory has left young men and women across Ireland, wondering and pondering, what is it that sets them apart? What was it that gave them the edge? Was it a rigorous training routine? Did they have some kind of special diet? Or is the Maigh Eo curse a real force to be reckoned with!?


Here at Buachaill, we’ve heard a different scéal. Rumour has it, the Red Hands had a special kind of support that led them into the arms of Sam Maguire. It wasn’t down to hydration, or focus or passion, it was something much more tangible. Something much more real. Something much more draíochtúil!


Buachaill boxer shorts.


We don’t know how much truth is in it. But from where we’re standing, it makes an awful lot of sense. When Niall Morgan saves a goal, it’s really and truly thanks to Buachaill. Each time Cathal McShane scores, he thanks the Buachaill gods. Our dearg agus bann boxer shorts hold a special kind of Tír Eoghain magic that gives every wearer the style, strength and drive to win All Ireland Championships, and if you can win All Ireland Championships, who knows what else you could achieve?


Got a big interview coming up? Going to ask that special someone on a date? Playing in your county final? Buachaill boxer shorts have you covered. It’s important that you feel supported, that you look good and that you feel like a winner. And here look, the story may be ráiméis. But even if it is, we can guarantee you, you’ll still look class.


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