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Buachaill Boxer Shorts


Giving support across the world since 2018.




Boy, Guardian, Protector.



Here at Buachaill boxer shorts, we are passionate about trí things.


A haon: Making sure that our underwear are the best underwear on the planet.


A dó: Ensuring that every customer feels confident, comfortable and powerful.


A trí: Celebrating Ireland, the Irish language, and Irish people.


When you spend your hard earned money on our products, we want you to know that you are supporting a company that has you at the heart of it.


For us,


- Buachaill represents the modern Irish man who is ambitious, brave and a bit of a cheeky devil.


- Buachaill celebrates the wonderful Irish language.


- Buachaill creates products for the people, with the people in mind.


And Buachaill knows exactly what the buachaillí want.




1 herdsman, cowherd; herds woman; swineherd; a herd or shepherd

2 guardian, protector

3 servant, attendant; medical attendant

4 youth, boy


Buachaill is a word that all Irish people know. It is an ancient word, stretching back over two millennia to the time when young male members of families were made to look after and protect the livestock of the family. These young boys were called buachaill, meaning a cow herd. Over time, the name of the work came to be used as a way to describe a young male.
These days, buachaill means a boy or a young man. Buachaill has connotations of a cocky young man full of tricks, and that is how we imagine the men who wear Buachaill boxer shorts to be. It is the ideal name for stylish underwear that young men from Ireland and elsewhere want to wear.




Hi, I am Seanán, the dude who created Buachaill boxer shorts.

Here's how Buachaill boxer shorts came about. In 2015, I needed new underwear. I learned about an Australian underwear brand and decided to buy some of its underwear. The day after the underwear arrived, I thought to myself,
"Why am I buying underwear from the other side of the world? I should buy them in Ireland."
I went looking for an Irish boxer shorts company, but could not find one. This stunned me. We Irish are so creative and artistic and make fine clothes such as Aran jumpers. Why was nobody in Ireland making underwear? This gave me the idea of setting up an Irish boxer shorts brand.
Buzzing with excitement about my big idea for stylish underwear with a strong Irish identity, I began the journey of how to make my boxer shorts dream a reality. A suitable name was required.
I needed a suitable name and the word buachaill came to mind. Everyone in Ireland knows what the word buachaill means. It has strong connotations of a cheeky young man, a bit cocky, full of tricks. Buachaill expresses what a boxer shorts brand should be about young, masculine, fun, cheeky, sporty.
After making a pitch about my idea to a panel in the Innovation Academy in Trinity College Dublin, one of the judges on the panel came up to me immediately afterwards and handed me her card. She told me that she loved my idea and said, "I can get you €50,000 euro for it"

Her words proved that I was on to something. I continued to develop the idea and research manufacturing and distribution possibilities. When all the work was completed, Buachaill boxer shorts were launched onto the world in 2018.
Since then, men and women in many countries have bought Buachaill boxer shorts. Women love them as gifts for the special men in their lives. I hope that you too will love Buachaill boxer shorts.